Meet Thomas, co-founder at

This month, Thomas, co-founder of discusses his role and journey into the startup world.

Meet Thomas, co-founder at
Thomas Ramé, cofounder at -hiking in Montenegro mountains

Thomas Ramé is a co-founder of, leading technology & innovation. After graduating from Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest university, and working at the R&D department of Credit Mutuel Arkea, a cooperative bank, he directly jumped into the startup world and started his entrepreneurial journey at 23. As a prodigy young entrepreneur, he’s been bootstrapping Working days and nights, but always with a smile on, he assembled the first bricks of our platform. Today, this passionate self-made and self-starter tells us more about his journey.

What’s your role at

As a co-founder I contribute to make the strategic decisions for the company, from business, marketing to how we implement our roadmap. We’re moving at a fast pace and this means an ever-changing environment! I directly lead technology which includes conceptualizing the architecture, implementing the infrastructure, and also taking care of the product features -from mockups with the design team to development. It is a constant challenge to improve operations by conducting systems analysis and developing innovative solutions to create the best digital experience for our users.

“There is always something to learn, to be better at, something to think about when you create a startup from scratch. Of course there are some obstacles and difficulties along the way. It’s a company and product in the making. And I truly enjoy this never-ending journey - You’re never bored.”

I’m very playful at work, even when I encounter challenges, I always find ways to smile and land on my feet. I like sending GIFs and emojis to my coworkers to share my “joie de vivre” 😃

What’s the story, how did this adventure start?

My father and big brother have always been curious about technology. Before getting into engineering school, I was already programming applications in my spare time. I loved technological challenges, and I still do! I learned how to develop software through trial-and-error, design, and develop new skills. For instance, I created an online game Laby that gathered more than 15.000 players in 2014. And surprisingly, it's still accessible. It’s fascinating what you can create when you plug a computer into the Internet and how many people see it!

I grew up in Saint-Brieuc, a small town in Brittany, witnessing my mother taking care of others as a nurse. I went to public schools & university, at which I enjoyed the social diversity. I believe this has a lot to do with my willingness to make a positive impact and participate in building a fairer and more sustainable society, as an entrepreneur.

“We all shared the same vision and wanted to take action using our skills to build a meaningful project for people and causes we liked.” is like the two sides of a coin: there is the front side, “heads” the people, and the backside, “tails” — the value. We give money a purpose for the people and the planet.

When I was an intern at a Silicon Valley game software startup, I met Fabien and then later Cyril. We quickly realized we shared the same vision about the need for a more caring world, and how we could use our skills to build a meaningful project for the causes we like. That’s how we decided to start making a reality. Before that, it was just an idea.

What is your typical day at

I work at the Brest hub of Le Village By CA, the largest French startup accelerator network managed by the Credit Agricole group. The office overlooks the bay and is located inside Les Capucins, a gorgeous renovated industrial building, which was formerly a workshop for the nearby shipyard. There is a lot of activity as many startups from The French Tech are based there.

Ateliers Les capucins in Brest at night, where is incubated

I love using my scooter to commute. And if it rains I just have to wait a few minutes, that’s how it works in Brittany 🙃☔

Can you tell us more about Fintech for Good?

Let’s start with a first observation: we are facing climate change and it has a multitude of impacts on people’s lives from poverty, hunger, and diseases.

There are two choices. Either companies ignore the environmental issue, or they act on it to reverse the trend. Too many large corporations think more about their profitability than their impact on our planet.

Secondly, there isn’t enough innovation and sustainability in the financial world. “Fintech for Good” is using money and technology for the benefit of the people & the planet, including using green technology to make it happen.

At, we allow people to save for their future while doing an impact on local communities they love. We believe in this virtuous circle that we call the save for good® approach. Of course, our team does its share to reduce our environmental impact by choosing Green IT suppliers for example. It’s also why we chose to incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation.

What is your favorite cause you support to make our world a better place?

I don’t have any! Many nonprofits, small and large, are making the world a better place to live in by addressing very important issues. I don’t stick to one in particular, and instead, believe in diversification. I enjoy discovering and supporting new ones and learning about the world realities they address.

That’s part of the experience we offer with the app: you can donate to your favorite nonprofit, but in just a few taps you can discover a new cause in your neighborhood!

What do you do outside of work?

I love simple things, like hiking along the coast, playing “palet breton” with friends and family… And of course baking (and eating) the famous breton crêpes.

Thomas, co-founder making the famous Breton crêpes