bunny.money and Impact Atlas Partner to Improve the Traceability & Efficiency of Donations

BUNNYMONEY, Inc. ("bunny.money") and Impact Atlas announced today their partnership to provide an end to end solution for donors & Nonprofits to trace donation delivery and impact.

bunny.money and Impact Atlas Partner to Improve the Traceability & Efficiency of Donations

San Francisco, California, November 17, 2021 – BUNNYMONEY, Inc. ("bunny.money") and Impact Atlas announced today their strategic partnership to provide an end-to-end solution for donors & nonprofits to trace the impact of the donations.

This innovative partnership is immensely impactful for donors who want to understand where exactly their donation goes. Impact Atlas provides technology that allows non-profit and for-profit organizations to track their efforts and outcomes. This enables extreme transparency and accountability, giving donors — and the organization themselves — an in-depth understanding of how their money is spent as well as the results of their efforts.

bunny.money co-founder Cyril Goust shared of the partnership, “Thanks to this unique partnership, Nonprofit organizations can maximize their fundraising efficiency and transparently share their impact with their donors. While bunny.money channels donors' giving with zero fees, Impact Atlas provides the field staff and program managers the tools to trace, measure and report the impact. The donors can be ensured that their money is put to good use.”
CEO and co-founder, Chantal Buard, of Impact Atlas shared, “We want programs on our platform to be rewarded for the level of transparency and accountability that they’re showing. That’s why the partnership with bunny.money is so important to me.

A few Nonprofit organizations currently partnering with bunny.money and Impact Atlas are already onboard and will benefit from the combined solution that will offer them an edge towards transparency & accountability.

About bunny.money

bunny.money is a US Public Benefit corporation that offers financial services to citizens and nonprofit organizations who want to create a better tomorrow. bunny.money’s vision is to bring wealth & philanthropy to everyone.

Our save for good® approach makes it easy for individuals to set aside money based on their lifestyle, and to support the causes they care about. In turn, Nonprofits engage with their members, volunteers & supporters to fundraise with no fee. In 2021, the company became a member of 1% for the Planet and obtained the B Corp™ certification, the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

For more information, visit www.bunny.money.

About Impact Atlas

Impact Atlas provides game-changing technology to nonprofit and for-profit organizations, allowing for in-depth tracking and analysis of program outcomes. This works in two parts, first an application that enables field staff with technology to enhance service delivery, track progress, and monitor outcomes. Second, a web-based dashboard for supervisors, program directors, and funders to understand the impact of their investment. Impact Atlas received the Fisher Center Summit & Berkeley World Business Analytics Project of the Year 2021 Award for their work changing the nonprofit industry’s perspective on transparency and accountability.Learn more about Impact Atlas at www.impactatlas.com.