🌱🐰💰 Supporting Communities in Crisis

Over the past two years the world has been faced with an unprecedented supply of crises. Our focus in this newsletter is on the efforts to support communities and individuals overcome the shocks of life changing events.

🌱🐰💰 Supporting Communities in Crisis
Photo by Christopher Briscoe / Unsplash

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Over the past two years the world has been faced with an unprecedented supply of crises; from extreme weather events to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now conflict in Ukraine. However, the philanthropic responses to these crises have shown the sector at its best. Charitable behaviours surge following a crisis, and this kindness has been matched by responsive, engaged and nimble actions by non-profits to navigate a continually changing economic and social landscape. Our focus in this newsletter is on the efforts to support communities and individuals overcome short-term shocks, and provide long-term recovery following life-changing events.

🌱 The Good: The Need For Speed - getting aid to communities after natural disasters

The disaster: Out of season tornadoes ripped across Midwest and Southern states at the end of last year with devastating effects. The state of Kentucky was especially badly affected, as the population experienced deaths and loss of livelihoods.

Operation BBQ Relief... was one of the first nonprofits to respond to the crisis in Kentucky. The non-profit deploys skilled pitmasters, caterers and chefs to serve hot meals and provide relief aid to community members and first responders during the distressing initial period following a disaster.

The impact: over 75,000 meals were served in Kentucky thanks to Operation BBQ Relief’s network of volunteers and equipment that is made available at short notice. Their processes mean food, equipment and volunteers can be mobilised immediately resulting in hot meals being served within 24-48 hours of a disaster.

The short-term response… To any disaster is key to preventing further loss of life and limiting damage to livelihoods. That’s exactly what bunny.money partner, Plainsboro Rescue Squad, did by being one of the first nonprofits to react to the outbreak of COVID-19 in New Jersey.

🐰 The Bunny: Providing shelter for refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine rages on, 500,000 people are predicted to have been displaced by the war, so private companies are actively working with charitable organisations to support the people which have been impacted. AirBnB, through its independent charitable organisation Airbnb.org, is offering free short-term housing for up to 100,000 Ukrainians who find themselves without a home and fleeing their nation. For refugees that do not currently have access to devices or the internet, AirBnB is working with a range of nonprofit organisations on the ground in Europe, to support with booking and coordinating stays for refugee guests. These stays will be funded by donations to the Airbnb.org Refugee Fund, alongside help from hosts on the platform.

💰 The Money: Long Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs) are key to disaster recovery

The situation: Over 40,000 wildfires burnt through nearly 4.3 million acres by August 2021 - destroying livelihoods. Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting social and economic systems, with 39% of all jobs held by Black Americans threatened by the economic fallout of the pandemic. Both examples demonstrate that communities have long-term recovery needs following a disaster.

A problem with long-term recovery: Communities deal with the aftermath of disasters for years, yet, data shows that private giving normally stops after six months.

The LTRG approach… is based on creating local coalitions dedicated to helping communities in the wake of a disaster. Each LTRG is unique and reflects local needs, so typically include representations from nonprofit, government, business and other organisations. The key aim of these LTRGs is the maximise the effectiveness of investment for long-term recovery.

LTRGs in action: Orange County Disaster Rebuild assists individuals and families who have unmet needs with recovery following any natural or man-made disasters. The LTRG identifies the resources necessary to meet those needs and have the greatest positive impact.

Maximising impact… is key to supporting long-term recovery. It’s also the aim of GiveWell - a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and helping donors decide where to give - ensuring every dollar donated is having a positive impact.

🥕 What else we’re munching:

  • Uber has announced support for Ukrainian refugees by offering unlimited free rides to certain Polish cities from the Ukraine-Poland border, alongside adding an in-app donation button for its U.S. riders to make donations to the International Rescue Committee.
  • Victoria Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) is providing case management, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial resources to those affected by disasters regardless of race, creed, color, gender sexual orientation, disability or religious preference to support long-term disaster recovery.
  • First Nations Development Insitute has received a $1.5million grant to support its efforts in building health equity across the state of Colorado. A focus of the grant is to provide support to Native nations and Native-led organisation working to advance health equity.
  • The crisis in Ukraine is making it ever-more difficult for charities to deliver humanitarian aid into the country due to blocked ports and roads made treacherous by bombings.

Image Credits: Cover Photo by Christopher Briscoe via Unsplash; OperationBBQRelief; DeutscheWelle; MidlandDailyNews