Climate Change Champs: A Look at Nonprofits Fighting for the Environment

These partners are fighting climate change, working to support environmental conservation, and diverting landfill-bound waste.

Climate Change Champs: A Look at Nonprofits Fighting for the Environment
Image provided by Public Land Water Association

The climate on our planet has been volatile for hundreds of thousands of years. Earth has experienced multiple ice ages and glacier retreats over that time. Today, the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and current warming rate are both at unprecedented levels, as a result of human activity since the mid-20th century.

Why is this important? Climate change is actually quite bad for our health. From temperatures rising to dangerous levels, never-before-seen inclement weather events, and poor air quality, we’re guessing you’d be ok losing a few beach days.

The 30x30 Mission to Protect 30% of Land & Sea by 2030

In addition to inclement weather and the dangers to our safety, climate change presents significant hazards for the biodiversity of the land and sea. With that in mind, scientists have recommended that we protect at least 30% of lands, rivers, lakes, and wetlands by 2030.

The stakes are high — we’re working to fight mass extinction, bolster resilience to climate change, and safeguard marine ecosystems that are essential to everyone around the world. How can you help? Support these organizations and others working to protect the land and sea.

While it won’t be possible to undo the effects of decades of climate change-inducing activity immediately, these organizations are doing their part to minimize the impacts of climate change, protect biodiversity, and work toward a sustainable future.

Sustainable Conservation

Image provided by Sustainable Conservation

Sustainable Conservation was founded in 1993 to unite people to solve the toughest challenges facing California’s land, air, and water. Sustainable Conservation implements collaborative solutions to meet the water needs of California’s environment, people, and economy for current and future generations.

Today, Sustainable Conservation has five main initiatives in place:

Like the other nonprofit organizations mentioned, Sustainable Conservation is active on the marketplace. If you’re interested in contributing to their initiatives, you can donate with zero fees through

Public Land Water Access Association

Image provided byPublic Land Water Association

Public lands and waters are valuable resources to Americans. These areas provide endless opportunities for recreation, education, and connection with nature. That’s why it’s so valuable for individuals to be able to access and explore these areas. Unfortunately, public lands aren’t easily accessible by everyone and many are at risk today.

Public Land Water Access Association (PLWA) is on a mission to maintain, restore, and perpetuate public access to the boundaries of all Montana’s public lands and waters. PLWA’s efforts to protect access to Montana public lands and waters began in 1985 and have continued strong with the efforts of staff and volunteers.

PLWA works toward their mission with three key efforts:

  1. Educating the public on their rights and initiating programs to expand public access
  2. Monitoring public access and land sales
  3. Initiating legal action when access has been illegally blocked

PLWA is a member, meaning you can donate fee-free to their initiative from the app.

Carbon Lighthouse Association

Image provided byCarbon Lighthouse Association

Carbon emissions have increased steadily in recent decades, reaching alarming levels recently. While some organizations have begun offering carbon offset programs, the onus is often on consumers to purchase additional carbon offsets.

Carbon Lighthouse Association is dedicated to helping corporations and individuals offset their emissions by reducing the fossil fuel industry’s ability to pollute.

The Carbon Lighthouse Association’s approach is revolutionary. They effectively reduce the number of government-regulated pollution allowances on behalf of donors by sourcing carbon allowances directly from cap and trade programs.

This works because the Carbon Lighthouse Association aggregates demand for carbon allowances, enabling corporations and individuals to bid against utilities, power plants, and other regulated entities for the limited supply of available allowances.

You can support the Carbon Lighthouse Association with zero fees from the app.


Image provided by back2earth

Landfills are a significant, unsustainable waste process today. As manufacturers and consumers favor single-use items and plastic packaging more and more, landfills are running out of room and have begun to contaminate our water and land.

back2earth aims to reduce landfills by promoting composting to close the loop on food waste. Founded in 2017, back2earth is equipping individuals with the skills, resources, and tools to combat the issue of landfills through the act of composting.

back2earth is a member of the non-profit marketplace. You can donate to back2earth right from, and your entire donation will go directly to supporting their efforts.

1% for the Planet

Image provided by 1% for the Planet

Climate change is a problem we take very seriously. That’s why joined 1% for the Planet. As a mission-driven organization, it only made sense to join 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of our revenues toward supporting the environment.

Started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, 1% for the Planet members have given more than $280 million to approved nonprofit partners to date. Today, 1% for the Planet’s global network consists of thousands of businesses, individuals, and environmental nonprofits working toward a better future for all.

Do Your Part to Fight Climate Change

When you join, you can donate to your favorite climate change organizations right from our mobile savings application. Be sure to explore the 5 Key Qualities of a Sustainable Organization, as well as What is Greenwashing and How Does it Affect Me? to learn more about effectively supporting sustainable organizations through donations and purchases.

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